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Classification for Hispanic E : To be qualified as a Hispanic E team , the team must be predominately E with no more than 3 D class bumps . (1 B/C ballplayer will reclassify the E team to a Hispanic Recreation)

Classification for Hispanic Rec : To be qualified as a Hispanic Rec team , the team must be predominately D with more than 3 C class bumps

Classification for Hispanic Comp : To be qualified as a Hispanic Comp team , the team will have a minimum of 4 B/C ball players .

In the case that a Hispanic E or Hispanic Rec team exceed the limited amount of players allowed,  the tournament director reserves the right to reclassify the team on the spot .

Participation Eligibility

Teams participating in the Hispanic Program will be allowed to have 5 players that are not of Hispanic origin on their roster. Only 3 can be allowed to participate in the game at the same time on offense or defense.

Players that are married to a Hispanic or have a Hispanic Parent are considered to be Hispanic. This player(s) will NOT be considered as part of the 5 non- Hispanic players.

USSSA and USSSA Hispanic Program are two separate entities therefore,

If a player is on a USSSA roster, that player can ALSO be on a separate roster for the Hispanic Program. This advantage can also apply to a team. A manager can have a team registered for USSSA and or USSSA Hispanic Program. Since they are two separate programs the point system will also be two separate point systems.

Homerun and Run Spot info

Hispanic E vs. Hispanic E    1 Homerun and then outs  / no run spot

Hispanic E vs Recreation      2 Homeruns and then outs / 4 run spot

Recreation vs Recreation      2 Homeruns and then outs / no run spot

Hispanic E vs Competitive     3 Homeruns and then outs / 8 run spot

Recreation vs Competitive      3 Homeruns and then outs / 4 run spot

Comp  vs Comp                   5 Homeruns and then outs  / no run spot


All rosters will need to filled out and turned in before the second game . It will be the managers or coach's responsibility to turn in the roster . Failure to do so may cost the team to lose the game. 


In order to file a protested , the protesting team must first have a roster turned in order for the protest to be granted .

Classification Protest :  In example "too many of upper class players". A list of the of the list of first and last names will be required of the list of players .

Eligibility Protest: Name the player in question , players must then provide proof of eligibility such as marriage license , birth certificate etc.

Roster Protest : A player can only be on ONE roster at the tournament. (NOTE: this is a Hispanic Qualifier players maybe on separate rosters in the USSSA system for the regular USSSA program.)

Each Protest the fee will be $100 cash , refundable if the protest is won by the protesting team . In the event that the protesting team loses the protest , the $100 will not be refunded .

All other rules and guidelines will be governed by the 2011 USSSA Rule Book .

Armando De Leon Jr.
South Texas USSSA Hispanic State Director

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